Run Automated App Testing
on Real Zebra Devices

Automate Mobile App Testing on Zebra L10,
Zebra TC 77, Zebra TC 26 Devices & Beyond  

Run Automated App Testing on Real Zebra Devices 
Real Zebra Devices
Experience the unparalleled accuracy of testing your applications on real Zebra devices. Say goodbye to the limitations of emulators and simulators. With our real device cloud, confidently launch your Zebra device applications, assured of their performance and reliability in real-world conditions. 
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Android app testing tool
Android app testing online

Advanced Automated Testing

Run automated Zebra app tests in parallel either using our codeless record & playback capabilities or using automation frameworks like Appium that helps in finding bugs earlier by testing your apps on a wide range of real Zebra devices online. Leverage parallel testing significantly reducing test execution times and accelerating your time-to-market. 
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Responsive testing
Ensure your Zebra apps are flawlessly responsive across all device variants. Test the UI and functionality of your apps on various screen sizes and resolutions within the Zebra device family. Interact with your app on remote Zebra devices as naturally as if you had the device in your hands—tap, scroll, zoom, and swipe with ease. 
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Android app testing
Android apps testing
Barcode Scanning Testing
Pcloudy enables automated testing of applications that utilize barcode scanning, ensuring that the scanning functionality works seamlessly across different Zebra devices under various conditions. This is crucial for industries like retail, logistics, and healthcare, where barcode scanning is integral to operations.  
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Geolocation / GPS Testing
Optimize apps dependent on GPS tracking for absolute precision in location services. Pcloudy provides comprehensive tools for validating GPS functionality, crucial for applications in fleet management, delivery services, and field operations. Simulate and test under diverse signal conditions and scenarios to affirm GPS tracking reliability and accuracy. 
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Advanced test orchestration
Real Time debugging
Network Connectivity Testing
Evaluate your app's performance in maintaining stable network connections, a must for applications that transmit real-time data such as inventory updates, patient records, or logistic statuses. With Pcloudy you can check your app’s resilience across cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth networks, ensuring reliable data transmission under any condition.
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Debug Instantly
Debug with ease by diving deeper into a variety of test logs and test analytics. Analyze device logs, network logs, even screenshots & full video-recording of the test execution. 
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