Device Coverage Report 2022

Choosing the right set of devices to test your apps for quality is a vital component for the success of the mobile and web apps you build. Here is a helpful compilation of all the popular mobile devices to test in 2022 based on our platform usage patterns and key market studies. This year we have classified the list of devices into three major categories to make it easy for teams to pick and choose the right set of devices based on your testing needs. The Device Coverage Report 2022 also provides meaningful insights on various fragmentation statistics to help us realign your testing strategies to ensure a maximum market coverage in terms of testing. Download your copy of the report and test meaningfully with the help of the market insights and the list of the popular mobile devices to test on in 2022.


  • The Bumpy Years - 2020 & 2021
  • Enhancing Digital Experiences
  • The Need for App Testing
  • App Testing Challenges
    • Device Fragmentation
    • OS Fragmentation
    • Screen Fragmentation
  • Device & Browser Cloud Usage
    • Top Mobile Devices used in India
    • Top Mobile Devices used in USA
    • Top Browsers
  • About the Report
  • Solution
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