Mobile App Testing Trends Report 2021

Mobile App Testing Trends Report 2021 new

Our 2nd edition of the most awaited report is out! Learn about the latest testing technologies that will make it big in 2021. Make the most of the insightful predictions and recommendations that were put together in this report after conducting an extensive survey with esteemed business leaders and industry experts.

We all have surely witnessed an uproar of changes that have led the way to the new normal. Keeping the momentum going towards these transformative changes will help lead the way to succeed in our testing strategies as well. Read about the technologies and strategies that are set to make a dent in the Testing universe in 2021 and get ahead on the road to success. Download now and read about these trends in detail. Here is a snippet of the contents of the report below. Happy Testing!


  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Business drivers for the App Market
  • Testing Trends of 2021
    • Rise in adoption of Continuous Testing methodology
    • Increase in Testing Infrastructure Migration on Cloud
    • Increasing use of Artificial Intelligence for Testing
    • Rise of Low Code Development Platforms for Testing
    • Need for Multi-Experience Testing
  • Key Takeaways
  • About Us
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