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Optimizing your app testing costs in a time of Budget Cuts
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At the time when the world is trying to reel back to normalcy from the pandemic, we are being hit by another storm in the form of Inflation, economic crisis, budget cuts and what not? But a question lies bare as to how to overcome these barriers to ensure business continuity during these uncertain times, especially in the App Testing industry where the budget cuts for tools and resources have become rampant.

In this Whitepaper we have highlighted some practical tips that you can implement as an organization to keep the Testing Boat afloat despite the Inflation storm. Download the whitepaper to take a peek into what are the costs involved in testing and how you can optimize these costs without compromising on the quality of the releases and business continuity. Here is a quick look at the contents of the whitepaper. Have a look and download your free copy today!


  • Problem of 2022: IT Inflation and Budget Cuts
  • App Development & Testing: The Costs Involved
  • Variables that Affect the Cost of Developing Apps
  • Actual Cost of Testing an App
  • Cost of Defects
  • Optimizing App Testing Costs
  • Adopt Cloud Testing Platforms
  • Implement Continuous Testing Methodology
  • Leverage Automation
  • Test Reporting & Analysis
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tools
  • Defect Management
  • Key Takeaways
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