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There is
  • No Waiting on Device Availability
  • No Incomplete Test/Device Coverage
  • No Testing and Dev conflicts
  • No Inefficient Automation Runs
  • No Hidden Visual Bugs
Mobile App Testing
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Test seamlessly from anywhere, anytime, with the power of our Continuous Testing Cloud platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate your app testing capabilities with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Test faster and more accurately with the power of AI.

5000+ device browser combinations

Perform your app testing online across 5000+ browser and device combinations and ensure a wider test coverage.

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Increase Productivity

Device Labs

5000+ real device browser combinations available on our public cloud, for successful mobile app testing, or use Private or On-prem version for your enterprise. Get the most accurate results by testing mobile and web applications on the latest devices to ensure awesome customer experience. Go beyond emulators to get the most insight into the real user experience.

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Mobile Apps Testing
Increase Productivity

Browser Labs

Test websites and web-apps on various browser-OS combinations on real machines. Perform manual and automated cross-browser testing from anywhere, anytime. Change the screen resolution and test web apps on the local network using the Wildnet feature. Take screenshots of the issues and get detailed reports to analyze and fix the issues quickly. Deliver an exceptional user experience while saving time and resources.

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Speedy Test Creation

Rapid Automation

The right balance between quality and speed can be achieved by implementing successful continuous testing. But for successful continuous integration and continuous delivery, you need right automation strategies. Get that competitive edge through our 3 pillars – speedy test creation, execution stability, and faster execution.

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Execution Stability

Automation Execution @ Scale

Get the elastic scalability and high velocity test execution support from pCloudy by orchestrating large testing suites across platforms for proper distribution of tests. Shorten your release cycles and get high ROI on your automation with parallel testing on unlimited devices and web browsers

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Faster Release Cycles

Mobile DevOps

Get access to everything that a DevOps team requires to develop, implement, and maintain test throughout the Continuous testing in DevOps pipeline. From running tests at every stage to integration with popular CI/CD and collaboration tools to scale up your web and mobile app testing seamlessly.

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Smart Test Results

Test Analytics

Leverage to the power of progressive reports that can speed up your testing process multi-folds with its detailed analysis on why tests failed and how to fix them. With root cause analysis, know what went wrong so you can submit bugs with fast feedback to fix them earlier in the cycle.

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Define Your Winning Strategy
App Testing for enterprise
For Enterprise

Ensuring the security, reliability, scalability, and speed demanded by the world’s largest teams with desktop web and mobile app testing solutions as per the need

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App Testing
For Small Businesses

Get starter plans from the pay as you use model to ensure seamless customer experience for mobile and web apps. We help you evolve digitally with quality desktop web and mobile app testing.

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Integrated with your Favourite tools

Integrate with all your favorite web and mobile testing tools and frameworks to ace your testing game in your own Continuous Testing cloud and digital playground.

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