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Effortless Bug Tracking: Pcloudy’s Integration with Asana and


The need for efficient bug tracking and project management tools is more crucial than ever. While some still cling to traditional tools that are comfortable, a wave of change is sweeping through the industry as professionals transition to modern platforms such as and Asana.

In this blog, we’ll explore why traditional tools for bug tracking & Excel sheets are outdated, and how modern platforms like and Asana are helping professionals’ level up their testing game. Get ready to learn how Pcloudy integrates with these platforms to make your testing workflow a breeze! 

Adopting New Project Management Tools: A QA Game Changer

Now, let’s talk about why more and more QA folks are embracing tools like and Asana 

  • User-friendly Interface: These tools are like user-friendly GPS for tasks, making navigation simple for everyone. 
  • Flexibility and Customization: Unlike old tools that are stubborn and not user friendly, these modern tools let you decide how you want things done. It’s like having a custom-made suit instead of one-size-fits-all. 
  • Real-time Collaboration: Working with these tools is as easy as chatting with your team in the same room, even if they’re miles away. It’s like having a magic whiteboard that updates in real-time. 
  • Effortless Reporting: Generating reports with these tools is as good as sharing that photo from your phone. No more than piles of papers or digital reports to look through.  
  • Integration Capabilities: These tools communicate with different tools with much ease and understand them to work together seamlessly. 

Why Old Legacy Platforms Fall Short

  • Inflexible Architectures: Legacy tools often exhibit static architectures with limited adaptability. In contrast, contemporary tools feature modular and extensible architectures that facilitate the creation of tailored solutions. 
  • Complex Workflow Structures: Navigating through outdated tools involves intricate workflows resembling a convolution of processes, resulting in inefficiencies and delays. Modern tools, conversely, offer streamlined and straightforward workflow structures, reducing complexity and accelerating task execution. 
  • Communication Disparities: Legacy platforms suffer from inadequate communication channels, leading to gaps in information dissemination. Modern tools, on the other hand, leverage robust communication mechanisms, ensuring seamless and effective exchange of information without loss or distortion. 
  • Customization Constraints: Legacy systems provide limited options for customization, analogous to a standardized uniform with minimal adaptability. In contrast, contemporary tools offer extensive customization capabilities, allowing users to configure settings according to their specific requirements and preferences. 

Why Connect Bug Tracking Tools to Test Execution Platforms like Pcloudy?

Imagine Pcloudy as the powerhouse in your team. It seamlessly integrates with bug tracking tools like Jira,, Asana, and Slack. 

Reporting bugs directly from Pcloudy tests to bug tracking tools becomes a breeze. With screenshots and videos for clarity, bid farewell to confusing bug reports lost in overflowing emails. It’s akin to shining a spotlight on each bug! 


  • Streamlined Communication: Say goodbye to scattered bug reports. Centralizing bug management ensures clear communication between testers, developers, and stakeholders. 
  • Enhanced Clarity: Screenshots and videos provide a visual context, reducing ambiguity and ensuring a better understanding of reported bugs. 
  • Time Efficiency: Seamless integration accelerates the bug reporting process, saving valuable time for testers and developers alike. 
  • Improved Collaboration: Centralized bug tracking fosters collaboration, allowing teams to work cohesively towards quicker resolutions. 
  • Real-time Updates: Stay in the loop with real-time updates on bug statuses, making it easier to track progress and prioritize fixes. 

Connecting bug tracking tools to Pcloudy not only streamlines the bug management process but also enhances collaboration, clarity, and overall efficiency in your testing workflows. 

Connect Pcloudy seamlessly with JIRA for streamlined testing

Guess What.. Pcloudy is Creating its Own Tool for Managing Releases & Bugs – Coming Soon! 

Yes, you heard it right..

We’re working on a new tool to help manage projects and track bugs with much ease. It’s set to make things easier for teams, connecting testing and project management in one place. Here’s a sneak peek: 

Pcloudy’s upcoming project management tool will seamlessly integrate with the existing test execution platform. Imagine this: Pcloudy already offers a comprehensive test execution platform with a whopping 5000+ real device-browser combinations. Now, imagine the power of seamlessly merging with a new project management tool to keep track of every test case. The result? A unified platform that transforms the testing landscape for the better. 

Benefits of Integration:

  • Single Unified Platform: No more juggling between different tools. Testers can manage projects and execute tests, all within a single, unified platform. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: With the project management tool seamlessly integrated testers can initiate and execute tests directly from the tool, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth. 
  • Efficient Collaboration: The integration ensures a smooth collaboration between project managers and testers. Updates, discussions, and test executions will take place in a single place, fostering efficient teamwork. 

  • Real Devices, Real Power: Leverage Pcloudy’s extensive library of real device-browser combinations for test execution directly from the project management tool, providing a real-world testing environment. 
  • Time and Effort Savings: Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between tools. Save time and effort by seamlessly transitioning from project planning to test execution without leaving the platform.  


  • Enhanced Visibility: Project managers gain enhanced visibility into testing activities, progress, and results, creating a transparent and collaborative testing environment. 

The Vision: A Unified Testing Ecosystem

Pcloudy’s vision is clear – to create a unified testing ecosystem for every team to work together – be it testing, development, project management, Pcloudy’s unified tool will be your go-to tool for everything testing. The integration of project management and test execution capabilities brings simplicity, efficiency, and speed to the fingertips of testers and project managers alike. 

Get Ready for a Unified Testing Future!

As Pcloudy prepares to introduce this groundbreaking tool, testers can look forward to a future where managing projects and executing tests is a seamless, cohesive experience. Stay tuned for a testing revolution where efficiency and collaboration will take the center stage!  

In conclusion, shifting from traditional QA tools to modern platforms is not just a trend; it’s a revolutionary move. Embracing tools like and Asana, along with seamless integrations like Pcloudy, gives QA teams the wings to soar beyond expectations. It’s time to ditch the old and welcome the new for a smoother and more efficient QA journey. 

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