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Image Injection: The Game-Changer for Solving the Remote Camera Capture Challenge


For years, mobile app testers and developers grappled with the challenge of testing real-time camera features on remote devices. Whether it’s changing profile pictures, scanning QR codes, or other camera-dependent functions, the inability to capture real images hindered efficient testing. However, pCloudy has now introduced a groundbreaking solution – Image Injection. In this blog, we’ll explore why this feature was eagerly awaited by the industry and delve into its three most popular use cases. Previously reserved for iOS, it’s now introduced exclusively for Android devices. But that’s not all; pCloudy offers a suite of powerful features that can take your app testing to the next level.

Use Case 1: Changing Profile Pictures on Real Devices Remotely

The Challenge:

Imagine trying to change your profile picture on a remote device hosted on a shelf in a device lab. When you hit the capture button, all you see is the shelf image instead of your selfie. This has been a common headache for testers, but pCloudy’s Image Injection is here to save the day.

How It Works:

  1. Upload your app in the My data section. Try Free trial for Free – no cc req

Click image injection >> select the image/barcode/QR you wish to see after clicking on capture/click button.

Select the desired device from the devices section. Connect to the device & select the Image injection option in the All Actions section to inject your image.

Test the app’s scanning functionality as if you were physically present, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Why It Matters:

With this feature, testers can now thoroughly test camera-related functions on real devices remotely. Be it checking the functionality of changing profile pictures, scanning QR codes, or adding images to any online forms and more can be performed remotely on the platform. pCloudy’s Image Injection features empowers testers to conduct image based testing on a wide range of devices seamlessly.

Use Case 2: Real-time Barcode and QR Code Scanning

The Challenge:

Scanning barcodes and QR codes in real time on remote devices is essential for testing e-commerce apps, ticketing apps, or any other apps that need the QR code functionality. Most remote device testing platforms often fail to provide this capability because of the complexity of performing this functionality remotely.

Why It Matters:

pCloudy’s Image Injection enables testers to perform real-time scanning on remote devices, making it easier to verify the functionality of the barcode or QR code scanning in apps. This ensures that users can make payments or access information seamlessly.

Use Case 3: Testing Filters and Augmented Reality (AR) Features

The Challenge:

Apps that rely on filters and AR features for interactive user experiences require real-time camera access. Testing these features effectively on remote devices was a significant challenge.

Why It Matters:

By utilizing pCloudy’s Image Injection, testers can validate the performance of filters and AR features on a variety of real devices remotely. This ensures that users enjoy a seamless and visually appealing experience within the app.


More use cases

  1. Virtual Makeup Try-On: Ensure virtual makeup and beauty apps work seamlessly with Image Injection.
  2. Product Barcode Scanning: Test e-commerce apps by scanning product barcodes on real devices.
  3. Language Translation: Validate language translation apps with real images for text recognition.
  4. AR Gaming: Test augmented reality games by injecting AR objects into the camera feed.
  5. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Evaluate OCR apps by capturing real documents and text.
  6. Document Scanning: Test document scanning apps for accuracy and clarity  remotely.

These additional use cases showcase the versatility and applicability of pCloudy’s Image Injection across various industries and applications.

Testing Beyond Image Injection:

If you’re intrigued by pCloudy’s Image Injection, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. pCloudy offers a range of powerful testing features, including Localization and Geolocation Testing.

Exploring pCloudy's Vast Device Lab:

With a staggering inventory of over 5000 real devices and browser combinations, pCloudy’s Device Lab is a testing paradise. Learn more

The Power of Private Labs:

If your team is distributed and you require extra security and collaboration tools for automation on multiple devices, pCloudy’s Private Device Lab is your go-to solution. Learn more about the world of private device hosting.


pCloudy’s Image Injection feature is a game-changer for mobile app testers and developers. It addresses long-standing challenges in the industry by enabling real-time camera functionality on remote devices. Testers can now change profile pictures, scan barcodes and QR codes, and assess filters and AR features effortlessly. This innovation empowers testers to ensure the highest quality user experience for apps across a vast array of devices. Say goodbye to the frustration of shelf images and embrace the future of efficient and comprehensive mobile app testing with pCloudy’s Image Injection.

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