Codeless Mobile and Web App Automation Testing

Unlock the power of codeless automation to accelerate your mobile and web app testing efforts

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Automate your mobile and web app tests with drag and drop feature to enable codeless automation and accelerate your testing efforts.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your favorite CI/CD tools, automation frameworks and tools to ensure a smooth overall testing experience.

Ease of

Experience the platform that’s easy to use. Make the most of the intuitive design and sleek user experience.

Create Tests Effortlessly
Create new tests 95% faster than other open-source tools by filling the gaps in coverage

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily build tests of any complexity, making the process straightforward and efficient. Automatically log your mobile and browser sessions, generating reusable and robust scripts for your testing needs using the test recorder feature. 

Easy Script Maintenance
Effortlessly maintain your entire test automation program and reduce test maintenance efforts by
80% with our AI-based self-healing capabilities.

Schedule Tests at your time of convenience Automatically generate reports, collaborate, and log bugs with much ease Fix your failed test cases and broken scripts with self-healing

No Programming Skills Required
Codeless automation empowers non-technical testers, such as manual testers or subject matter
experts, to create and execute automated tests without the need for programming skills.

No more restricted with talent pool Increased test efficiency Easy to learn and scale up

Technical Features You Will Love

Faster Test Creation

With codeless automation, test creation becomes significantly faster. Testers can use visual interfaces, drag-and-drop actions, and predefined components to build test cases quickly. This eliminates the need to write complex code manually, reducing the time required for test script development.

Improved Collaboration

Codeless automation increases the collaboration between testers, developers, and other stakeholders. Non-technical team members can provide input and contribute to the automation process, leading to a more collaborative testing approach.

Reduced Maintenance Effort

Codeless automation simplifies maintenance efforts by reducing technical complexities. Easily handle updates and changes to underlying technologies, frameworks, or platforms with codeless automation tools. Minimize the effort required to update and maintain test scripts, and focus more on test execution and analysis.

Enhanced Reusability

Make the most of reusable components, libraries, and templates for increased efficiency.  Enable your testing teams to build modular test cases with ease. Reuse common functions and actions across different test scenarios, improving efficiency and reducing duplication of efforts.

Lower Learning Curve

Codeless automation lowers the learning curve significantly. Testers can quickly grasp the tool's visual interface and features, allowing them to start creating automated tests with minimal training.

Increased Test Coverage

Integrate your favorite tools with pCloudy’s unlimited frameworks seamlessly various testing frameworks, devices, and platforms. This allows testers to extend their test coverage across different browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices without the need for extensive coding or configuration.

Accelerate your Mobile App Testing with pCloudy today!