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The Perfect iOS App Testing Tool

Real iOS

Test your iOS apps on a wide range of real apple devices on cloud from anywhere, anytime.

Multiple iOS

Run your iOS app tests across multiple iOS versions to ensure a wide test coverage and smooth functioning.

Secure Testing

Test your iOS apps on secure environments guaranteed with Enterprise Grade Security Standards like ISO27001, SOC2 and SSAE-16.

Technical Features You Will Love
Latest Real iOS
Perform your iOS app testing automation on the latest apple devices, running the latest iOS versions. Test on the latest real devices exclusively available for you.
Local Testing
Test your locally hosted iOS apps on our platform by using the Wildnet feature. Simply select the available iOS devices and run your tests on your local environments with ease.
Real Time
Stay ahead at every step of the game. Monitor your test metrics and progress in real time. Debug apps in real time and make changes to your iOS apps online with real time testing artifacts to make informed decisions and quicker resolutions.
with Ease
Enjoy easy collaboration with other testers, developers, and stakeholders. Share your testing reports with each other faster and log bugs on Jira for a more collaborative testing approach.
Test Coverage
Widen your test coverage by effortlessly testing on multiple browsers, operating systems, and iOS devices online. All at the click of a button, simply search for the devices and voila, all your available devices are ready to test on.
Integrated with your Favourite tools

Integrate with all your favorite web and mobile testing tools and frameworks to ace your testing game in your own Continuous Testing cloud and digital playground.

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