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Running monkey tests

Monkey testing is usually carried out by automated testing tools and is not an absolute form of testing. Let us see how to execute automation through Monkey test.

To schedule "Monkey test" over pCloudy, follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Login to pCloudy using your credentials.
  • Go to the Automator page.
  • Select the "Automation tool as Monkey".
  • Select the application under test.
  • Edit the single device execution time based on your test script.
    • Note :Test suite takes 15 minutes to execute completely on one device locally. Accordingly you can increase time for more executing it on more number of device
  • Modify the test cycle name for your reference.
  • Click on "Next".

Check the below snapshot for reference.

Monkey Test

Click on "ADD" to add the device for testing.

Add device for testing

Click on "Schedule" to start the test.


Click on "Yes" to start the automation.

Start the automation

Once the test start Success notification appears on screen.click "OK"

  • Upon confirmation the test will be executed on selected device.
  • When test automation process gets completed on all devices, you will be informed through a mail with the link to see the test report.
    • Note - You can also check the report from "Report" tab.
    • Navigate to Reports - All Reports Select the session and click on icon present under "Action".
Running Monkey Tests