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Key Device Actions

Let us give us an insight into all the key device actions you can perform while performing functional tests of your mobile app.

The pre-requisite to be able to perform any key device actions are:

  • Login to your registered pCloudy account
  • Go to Devices page and connect to a device for test

Once the device is connected, you can see a range of features on the left and right pane. The major key device actions that you can perform are:

Text entry through Keyboard feature:

This feature allows you to send text on the device application text bar.

Click on "KEYBOARD" icon.

Once you click, a text bar appears at the top of the screen. You can enter the desired text in this text bar.

Text Bar

Click on "SEND "button. The same will be sent to the application on the device.


Once the text is sent success message appears on screen.

Success Message

Apart from this, here is a list of all the other device actions that can be performed on the platform while performing app test:

performance app test