Using Chrome Debugger

How to use Chrome debugging feature on pCloudy platform.

  • Connect to the desired device on which the debugging needs to be done.
  • On device page in the left pane click on "Chrome Debugger" tab to choose debug feature.
  • Enter the url you need to test. In this example we have entered
  • Once the url is entered click on Start button for debugger to start.
  • You will be notified continuously during the process till your debugging is complete.
Chrome Debugger enter url to debug

Once the debugger is started a new window will open. Please make sure the Pop-up are not blocked before starting the debugger.

  • Click on the security icon as shown on the top right corner.
  • It will ask if you need to load unsafe scripts.
  • Please select the "Load unsafe scripts" link.
load unsafe scripts

The new window will have all the elements/css of the page displayed on the device. Based on your need you can select other options.

Open html css elements

Click the top left corner as shown in the below screen shot if you would like to get the code to be highlighted automatically when hover the mouse on any element on the page.

Click top left corner