Our pCloudy on-premise set up allows organizations with a demanding test schedule greater autonomy. In this option, we provide you with the necessary hardware and give you the freedom to set up your own secure device lab. You will have complete control in your own on-premise lab.
In addition to having the exact same features of our public cloud, our on-premise model contains supplementary benefits mentioned below:

On-Premise Device Cloud

InHouse mobile test

In-house Mobile Test Lab

On-premise cloud allows to you to create a Mobile App Testing Infrastructure within your organization premises.  You can plug-in with your existing devices to the on-premise cloud and provide access to your geographically distributed teams.

Serves all your testing needs

Teams can perform both manual tests by accessing the device over browser from anywhere. You can run your automated tests on any number of selected devices in parallel. Your development team can also use the platform for debugging on real devices during the development process.

Serves all your testing needs
Plug In Play

Plug-in play, day zero installation

pCloudy on-premise private cloud is a plug and play, day zero installation. Our appliances come pre-configured and can be installed on any rack. Just plug-in your devices in our appliances and you are ready to go.

No limitation on no of parallel users

Allow parallel logins and access to devices attached to the on-premise setup. Unlike software based solutions you can achieve any number of concurrent logins without compromising speed of access.

Parallel users
Mobile device management

Mobile Devices Management

With our on-premise cloud mobile device management is a breeze. You can monitor the devices remotely. You can easily create sub groups to dedicate devices across teams and perform clean up, install update and upgrade remotely using our admin portal.


There is no limitation of number of devices which can be attached to on-premise setup. So you can add appliances (our USB hub) to the main setup easily as and when your needs grow.

On-premise Cloud