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Remote Mobile App Testing over Cloud

Testers and developers face many challenges in mobile app testing, while trying to deliver a good quality app in less time. The growing complexities in mobile app development and the lack of device infrastructure cause more problems for the organizations. Remote mobile app testing is the optimum solution to overcome the challenges in testing. No need to setup a device lab or buy mobile devices, just login to the platform and start testing your apps on multiple real devices. This whitepaper will help you get familiar with remote mobile app testing.

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1. Paradigm shift in working conditions today: Its impact on mobile app testing

2. The Business Challenges Faced By Enterprises while working remotely

3. Remote mobile app testing over cloud is the optimal solution

4. Comprehensive coverage to ensure Quality @ speed from anywhere, anytime

5. The Benefits of remote mobile app testing over cloud

6. Take your next digital leap by switching to a Continuous testing Cloud

Test your mobile apps live on real devices with pCloudy

pCloudy is the Continuous Testing cloud, where you can test your mobile apps from anywhere, anytime. It is a comprehensive solution to increase the speed of your App Testing by enabling Continuous Testing. It helps you take the next digital leap. With access to more than 5000 device browser combinations, pCloudy solves the issue of testing apps on multiple devices with different specifications and saves the user from spending big bucks on setting up a device lab. Apart from functional validation of apps, you can run automated testing on real devices. pCloudy is integrated with most of the popular testing frameworks and tools like Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, nd collaboration tools like Jira, GitHub, SLACK, and many more. pCloudy has a global presence and provides solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.

pCloudy has also been recognized by top industry analysts including Gartner that included the products in latest report on mobile testing tool landscape.

pCloudy Features

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