This summary should help you understand the key upgrades we have made in terms of the Pricing and Benefits. We hope this page is helpful and urge you to read it in full to take advantage of the new pricing terms.

A Snapshot of the Pricing Plan Changes

The earlier pricing model was tailored in a way that you pay for the amount of usage. However, we have realised that it started to become difficult for enterprises to manage the credits and pay for additional minutes every time. And so, we rolled out the new pricing model to take away the hassle of credit and usage management.

The New Pricing Regime gives you access to unlimited device usage without having to worry about the minutes of usage. You will simply need to pay for the number of users who will access the platform to provide them with unlimited access to the different types of Testing.

Pricing Plan

The Pricing plan is divided into two main segments namely the Mobile and Web App Testing. You can choose your plans and pay for them based on your needs. Choosing from various options of Parallel Live Sessions to Automated Testing makes it all the more easy to plan budgets according to your needs.

What Are Parallel Live Sessions?

Parallel live sessions are designed to provide you an option to run multiple testing sessions simultaneously. For example, if you avail a 10 parallel session plan, 10 team members can run live test sessions at the same time or a single user can run 10 live testing sessions parallelly.

Mobile App Testing

We have upgraded the access to unlimited device usage on our platform. This gives you the benefit to access all the devices available on the Cloud which was earlier restricted to a particular plan.

Mobile App Live Testing

The Pay-As-You-Go model has been upgraded from buying just a few minutes of testing to unlimited usage to meet your testing requirements through the subscription model. Now you can opt to choose the number of parallel live sessions depending on your feasibility and needs with unlimited functional app testing minutes.

Mobile App Automated Testing

On the automation front, we have extended the limit of the number of parallel test-runs that you can run on our platform. With the Automated Testing plan, you get all the benefits of automated testing and also additional features of Live Testing to run both the unlimited automation testing and Live Testing.

Web Testing

Our new feature launch of the Browser Cloud Lab gives you access to a diverse range of Browsers and their versions to perform cross-browser testing of your Web-Apps. Now you are no more limited to real mobile devices, but can also access browsers to check and assess the performance of your web-apps at ease.

Web Testing is segregated into two buckets of live and automated testing.

Live Web Testing

pCloudy’s Live Web Testing provides you with access to real Mac and Windows computer systems where you can run unlimited functional testing runs through unlimited user logins. You can opt to access and run 10 parallel live sessions on a variety of browsers, browser versions, and screen resolutions. 

Automated Web Testing

We have made it easier for users to run their Automation scripts through our Automated Web Testing platform. The new pricing plan has enabled us to release unlimited automation minutes for your automated web testing needs. The new plan allows you to opt-in for parallel test runs. A 5 parallel live session plan would allow you to run your automation scripts on 5 different browsers or systems at the same time and give you access to 5 parallel devices for automation.

How do Parallel Live Sessions work for Browser Cloud?

Parallel live sessions help you run multiple testing sessions simultaneously. For example, if you avail a 5 parallel session plan, 5 team members can run live browser test sessions at the same time or a single user can run 5 live browser testing sessions on different browsers or systems parallelly.

How does the Free Trial Work?

If you are new to the field and would like to explore pCloudy’s testing platform, we give you free unlimited access to explore all the features on the platform upon signup. Once you have validated your contact details you will additionally receive free 180 Mobile App testing minutes and 60 Browser App Testing minutes to run your tests for free.

Feature Highlights

  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Access to Both Sim & Non-Sim devices for Network staging environments
  • Access to Real Devices and computer systems
  • Integration with popular testing tools
  • CI/CD integration
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Existing Users can benefit from unlimited access to devices that are available to run tests for an unlimited period of time through the New Pricing Plan. The hassle of worrying about credit management between users is out of the question as you welcome this new change and take advantage of the New Pricing Plan.