30 mins Mobile App Automation challenge

One of the most critical business challenges faced by enterprises is figuring out how to deliver mobile apps faster-without breaking anything in the process. With competitors increasingly able to release new features within days or even hours, companies can no longer afford unpredictable, lengthy, and inefficient release processes that barely support one update every couple of months. For these complex challenges, automation is the key, enabling them to deliver apps much more frequently with enhanced quality. Have you started with automation?

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Create your first mobile app automation script
  • Run your script on multiple devices in 30 minutes or less with no coding required
  • Integration with multiple CI tools like Jenkins


Nilesh Tarale

Nilesh is a vice-president at pCloudy (part of Smart Software Testing Solutions), and has more than 15 years of experience in Product development and Testing. He has worked primarily in the mobile application testing and mobile device testing domain with companies like Sasken, Motorola, Nokia, Accenture.

Deepak Puri

Deepak Puri, the CEO and Founder of QualityArc is an expert at leading test organizations and in crafting new solutions. He championed and led large transformation programs Tier 1 organization in Australia. As a thought leader in this space, he has incubated new solutions for Mobile device testing and Agile testing.


1 Hr

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