Accelerating Cross Browser Testing with pCloudy and Selenium 4

Selenium 4 has become the talk of the town in the world of Web Testing. Selenium 4 brings with it a ton of upgrades making cross browser testing even faster and easier. One of the sought after upgrades is the complete W3C standardization of Selenium WebDriver.

The past decade has seen a drastic shift in the way we do businesses. With the Digital World constantly evolving, there is a need to enhance your digital presence from time to time. And to ensure quality, testing your digital assets like web apps, mobile apps and websites play a crucial role. Join us for a Webinar where we will unpack some of these new updates on Selenium 4 that you can leverage to accelerate your Cross Browser Testing efforts.

In this webinar we will talk about

  • Selenium 4 - New Updates
  • W3C Standardization
  • Cross Browser Testing with Selenium
  • and much more...


Shueb Ahmed LinkedIn

Shueb – Lead – Pre sales Consultant at pCloudy and has around 9 years of experience in IT. Prior to this role he was working with Micro Focus as Pre Sales Consultant For Application Delivery Management Portfolio catering DevOps, Automation, Performance, Cloud and mobility.



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