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Accelerating Cross Browser Testing with pCloudy and Selenium 4

Selenium 4 has become the talk of the town in the world of Web Testing. Selenium 4 brings with it a ton of upgrades making cross browser testing even faster and easier. One of the sought after upgrades is the complete W3C standardization of Selenium WebDriver.

The past decade has seen a drastic shift in the way we do businesses. With the Digital World constantly evolving, there is a need to enhance your digital presence from time to time. And to ensure quality, testing your digital assets like web apps, mobile apps and websites play a crucial role. Join us for a Webinar where we will unpack some of these new updates on Selenium 4 that you can leverage to accelerate your Cross Browser Testing efforts.


In this webinar we will talk about


  • Selenium 4 – New Updates
  • W3C Standardization
  • Cross Browser Testing with Selenium
  • and much more…