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How to make your modern app delivery- Continuous, Incremental, Fast & Lean

With a paradigm shift in the style of working and market volatility enterprises are forced to digitally transform and become adaptive. Adaptive enterprises move fast and deliver apps rapidly and continuously to react to market-changing conditions while keeping a strong focus on customer experience. As per Forrester, Automation is at the core of being adaptive. While test automation is not new, past automation approaches have not helped app dev teams keep up with increased demands of modern delivery.

Old-school testing creates a bottleneck that Agile and DevOps methodologies can’t handle. The only way to accelerate development is by making testing – Continuous, Incremental, Fast and Lean.

In this webinar we will help you find out some quick ways to make your app testing meet the modern app delivery requirements:

  • Adopt BDD/TDD
  • Shift Testing left and right
  • Focus on exploratory testing
  • Test environments on cloud
  • Focus on automation
  • API testing to manage complexities