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Move to cloud for uninterrupted app testing from anywhere, at any time

With a sudden change in the work scenarios, the demand has shifted to tools and platforms enabling remote working conditions to maintain business continuity. In these uncertain times, enterprises are opting for cloud testing as it enables testers to test their app from anywhere, making it convenient for a globally distributed team.

Testing apps on remote devices enable users to scale automation as they have a continuous supply of hundreds of real devices. This also helps in practicing continuous testing and enhancing the efficiency of DevOps. The added advantage of saving a lot of money that is needed to set up a device lab makes cloud testing a favorable choice for enterprises.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Global shift in the app testing trends
  • Benefits of testing on the cloud
  • Cloud testing helps in maintaining business continuity while working remotely
  • Scope of scalability and growth over cloud