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The Land of Utopia for Testers: Does it exist?

“Utopia” is described as an ideal society in which everyone get along well and are happy. Sir Thomas More created the phrase in 1516 for his book Utopia. “We say that this is possible when…” We demand everything around us to be flawless. We live in a world of imagination and expect “perfect” every day. I would advise you to be prepared for the worst. What if? All the “What If’s?” are considered threats, and we ignore them. We should be prepared for the treats so that the after-storm effects are reduced.
Every day is challenging in a Tester’s life. We need to meet diverse people and collaborate with them to achieve our goals. It’s not as simple as we claim. So, in my session, I’ll discuss how to stay motivated, keep going, connect with other stakeholders/the team, and be realistic in today’s hustling culture.


Key Takeaways you will learn:


  • Gaining a better understanding of the difficulties and other variables impacting Testers
  • Methods for Improving the Testing Repertoire
  • Discussing the strategy for overcoming or mitigating the issues
  • Possibilities for self-motivation