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Uncover the Hidden Bugs eating your Revenue with Visual AI

Unresolved Visual Bugs not only cause a lot of bad reviews and an awful user inference but also burn a hole to the business revenue. A recent report by one of the visual testing platforms highlighted that over 30% of companies see 22 visual bugs escape release costing them over $7million dollars annually. However, this need not be the case. To deliver an amazing user experience, you not only have to ensure a seamless app functionality but also provide a flawless Visual Appeal by including Visual Testing to your End-to-End test strategy.

Performing Visual Testing is crucial to make sure that your software/App user interface (UI) appears accurately to all users. It ensures that each element on a web page or a web/mobile application appears in the right shape, size, and position. But performing Visual Testing manually could take you forever. And that’s where pCloudy’s Visual AI plugin comes in. With just a few lines of code you can perform your visual testing ridiculously simple. Join us for a Webinar where we will unpack some of these features of the new Visual AI plugin and help you accelerate your Visual Testing efforts.




  • Visual Testing and its Importance
  • When should I use visual testing?
  • Why Functional tests can’t cover Visual Issues?
  • Challenges with Manual Visual Testing
  • How AI and automation can accelerate visual testing?
  • How pCloudy helps