What's new in pCloudy 5.8?

With a grit to constantly improve and make your app testing efforts seamless and fast, we bring forth a fresh set of features and updates on our platform through pCloudy 5.8. Join us for a webinar where we will discuss the updates in details and deep dive into testing some of them.

One of the major additions to the platform is the integration of XCTest on the pCloudy platform. We have also upgraded the QR Code feature to perform QR Code automation tests for android. Proxy setup for Wildnet is another helpful update that has been deployed on pCloudy 5.8.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • XCTest integration
  • Wildnet configuration
  • Proxy setup for Wildnet
  • Object Spy Support
  • Appium 1.19 full support
  • QR Code support for Android
  • QR Code automation for android
  • Same model same device support for private and on premise cloud


Nilesh Tarale LinkedIn

Nilesh is a vice-president at pCloudy (part of Smart Software Testing Solutions), and has around 16 years of experience in Product development and Testing. He has worked primarily in the mobile application testing and mobile device testing domain with companies like Sasken, Motorola, Nokia and Accenture.


50 mins

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