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Why And How To Build A Test Platform? The New Realism!

Businesses are constantly innovating and bringing the best apps and releases that enhance the lives of the consumers. With tons of apps being released on a daily basis, it becomes crucial to ensure quality at speed to stand out in the market. And that’s where testing at every stage comes into play. Having a strong test strategy to ensure quality becomes a key component in every organization. And what better way to learn about this than to hear straight from the experts. Join us live on the 29th of September as we hear from Asmita Parab sharing her insights and learnings about Testing on the BreakFree Stage live at 3:30pm IST. Register Now.


Agenda –


  • What should we Focus on?
    • Business Objectives
    • Digital Happiness
    • Quality at Speed
  • Understanding Holistic Testing
  • What to look for in a Test Platform?