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pCloudy Desktop Assistant Launched- Easy to use and access important features of pCloudy at a single place

pCloudy Desktop Assistant or PDA as we call it is a major utility released in 5.9 updates. It is a much demanded app which enables users to access the most used features of pCloudy like Wildnet, Android tunnel and iOS connect at a single place. It also improves the usability of these features significantly since it can be accessed and used from a single place.

It’s a brand new app for Linux, Windows and Mac machines.

There are other benefits of using the PDA as well as mentioned below:

  • In case of multiple clouds,PDA provides the benefit to test these features from multiple clouds at a single place without the hassle of logging in to different clouds.
  • Using PDA, users can save time as they don’t have to download different jars or .exe files for using these features.
  • PDA provides a facility to use Direct and Debug proxy.
  • It also saves time in case of upgrades as that will be pushed from backend for users.

It is an easy to use app for which not many pre-requisites are needed. There are only 2 pre-requisites needed for the app –

Installation of the app is pretty simple for all the 3 OS supported  – Linux, Windows and MAC.

Note: iOS Tunnel is only supported on Mac machines.

Currently we support our 3 widely used features, Wildnet, Android Tunnel and iOS Connect over PDA.

  • Wildnet with Desktop Assistant can be used to test your local site on any android/iOS device or browser on pCloudy platform. Users can use this feature for both manual and automation testing.
  • Android Tunnel with Desktop Assistant lets users connect and take full control of any Android device using Android Debug Bridge. Users can connect any pCloudy device using DeviceTunnel as if the device is connected physically with their Local Machine with USB. This can be used by Developers to control a device using ADB commands and debug their apps in real time.
  • iOS Connect with Desktop Assistant lets you connect to an iOS Device which is present remotely and access the device as if the device is connected to your computer. With iOSConnect, we bridge the gap for the iOS development lifecycle.

Note: We recommend our users to switch to PDA to experience ease of testing but they can use the current version if they wish to.

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