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Rewind 2023: A Year of Agile Change

As we draw closer to the beginning of the new year, we look back and reflect about all that went down in 2023 here at pCloudy. We’ve had an adventure of a lifetime this 2023 with so many changes and product upgrades. More than anything we’ve had the joy of seeing ourselves grow together as a team in unison to work toward a single-minded focus of seeing the platform become something more than just a testing tool, more on that later. But before that let’s dive right in to look at what went down this year at pCloudy.

Product Updates

Starting off with the product updates, the pCloudy platform has had an umpteen number of upgrades and optimizations this year. Some notable improvements are the optimization of the entire cloud platform. We’ve made stark improvements to various platform architectures to ensure that our users have a smoother experience when testing on our platform. We have significantly reduced the overall latency on the platform to enable users to test their apps with a lot of agility and speed. And hence the theme – A year of Agile Change.


We have added a ton of integrations and plugins on the pCloudy platform to help our users easily transition from their current testing methodologies. This has helped us gain traction in the testing space and drawn a lot of attention from the user communities and groups. A big thank you to our pCloudy users who have played a significant role in helping us identify the tools and frameworks that needed to be integrated through their feedback.

Zebra Devices

One of the biggest game-changing moves in improving our platform has been to include all the latest devices from time to time. We have been prompt and agile in acquiring the latest devices and making them available for our QA community. We have even accommodated special device requests from our clients across the globe to ensure complete test coverage. One of the biggest upgrades was the inclusion of the Zebra Devices on the platform. This move has set us apart from our competitors and has given us a new opportunity to explore a whole different range of devices altogether.

Alfy – The Appium Assistant

Right when ChatGPT seems to have created ripples in the technology space, we’ve had a similar journey in building an in-house chatbot – Alfy. Alfy was designed to be your go-to Appium and device assistant. Alfy has been a remarkable innovation at pCloudy as it has been instrumental in providing appium capabilities, available list of devices and more. While this is just the beginning, we can’t wait to take Alfy to the next level in adding many more tasks to make your testing experience seamless and enjoyable.

Accessibility Testing

Of the many upgrades we have made on the platform – Accessibility has been one that became a favorite at the get-go for many. With the world moving towards inclusion not just as a luxury but as a necessity, Accessibility Testing came in at the right time to enable companies to start testing their apps for accessibility as well.

pCloudy Webinars

Webinars have been a great way of connecting with the testing community at large. This has also given us a platform to interact with other experts in the community and collaborate with many industry stalwarts. One of the biggest webinars that we hosted this year was the Expert Panel discussion on the topic- “AI Driven Testing Trends 2023”. We have had the privilege of hosting multiple experts in the app testing space through the BreakFree initiative as well. We convey our gratitude and thanks to all our speakers who have been kind enough to accept our invitation and collaborate with us on multiple occasions.


The year 2023 has been an eventful one with a lot of collaborations and partnerships. We started the year with Avinash speaking at the TestGuild Conference. And we’re ever grateful to Joe Colantonio for hosting us at the event and making us feel at home on the TestGuild Stage. A few months into the year we’ve had the opportunity of being a sponsor at one of the biggest testing conferences – Worqference. The conference helped us to connect and network with other leaders from various testing communities who are making ripples in the testing space. We were able to gain more insights and realign our strategies to be the “A player” at the conference. The Worqference conference was an eye-opener in helping us understand that we are in the right direction of building a great product.

Fast forward to August, we had the honor of being a part of the Capgemini Partner Day. Two teams from pCloudy visited the technology giant’s offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad and organized many knowledge sharing sessions, certification drives, fun photo booths and more. There is a whole different joy in meeting people in person and exchanging conversations face to face over virtual meetups on laptop screens. The Partner Day at Capgemini has helped us strengthen our partnership with the technology services giant to think big and scale greater heights together in the days to come.

Achievements, Rewards & Recognition

Achievements are a dime a dozen. But what keeps us going are the warm appreciation emails that we’ve received from multiple clients all through the year. We’re ever grateful to all our clients who continue to trust us as their go-to solution for everything testing.

pCloudy Academy

Testers from across the world trust the certification courses offered at the pCloudy Academy. While we are constantly upskilling and updating the course for new challenges and relevance to today’s testing world, we are pleased to let you know that we will be revamping the certification program and launch it earlier in the coming new year. The new certification program will attract many more users to draw closer to a newfound love for more insights and knowledge. We are proud of the 5000+ learners who have completed their pCloudy certification and look forward to many more users taking advantage of the free certification courses. 

An Offsite in the Wild

This year we’ve had the pleasure of unwinding and bonding as a team in the quiet mountains of Wayand Wildlife Sanctuary. The serene views of the quiet forests around the resort gave pCloudians the time to reflect, rejuvenate and re-energize for the coming year. The offsite was a good weekend getaway and also a great opportunity of getting to know each other beyond the slack messages revolving around work. The vibrant game spaces gave each of us enough time to bond over cricket, 8ball pool, TT and badminton.

The amazing food complimented deep conversations around family, home and friendships. The team bonding activities and recognition event were a key highlight as it gave many the necessary confidence boost and recognition for the exemplary work that we put in all through the year. The offsite was surely a much-needed break to relax and recharge for the next phase of our product’s journey.

Sneak Peek into the Biggest Update Ever

We have been working secretly on a Mega project that will change the way we perform our app testing. We can’t wait to share this grandeur product with the testing fraternity in the coming year. We’re all set to welcome the new year with a big bang and a platform that will make a dent in the app testing space. So keep your eyes peeled as the new year unfolds this new ecosytem that will transform testing experience.

A Big Thank

Wishing You and Your Family a Happy New Year!

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