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TestComplete is Now Part of pCloudy’s Integrations

We’re excited to announce that TestComplete is now integrated

with pCloudy’s cloud platform, providing a new level of testing capabilities and efficiency for mobile app testing teams. This integration enables TestComplete users to execute their test scripts on pCloudy’s real devices, expanding device coverage and accelerating testing speed.

The integration also facilitates team collaboration and generates detailed reports for test results. We believe that this integration will greatly enhance mobile app testing, app quality, and delivery times. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this powerful combination of tools


The TestComplete and pCloudy Integration: An Overview


The TestComplete and pCloudy integration is a cloud-based solution that enables you to run automated tests on a wide range of real mobile devices over the cloud. It provides a seamless testing experience that allows you to execute tests quickly and efficiently, with improved test coverage, faster test execution, and reduced testing costs, testing has become easier than ever before.


Benefits of TestComplete and pCloudy Integration for Mobile App Testing


Here are some of the ways in which the TestComplete and pCloudy integration can help mobile app testing teams to boost their testing capabilities:


Improved Test Coverage:


The integration allows testing teams to run automated tests on a wide range of real mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. This enables the user to achieve better test coverage, ensuring that the app works seamlessly on various devices and platforms.


Faster Test Execution:


The integration allows you to run automated tests faster and more efficiently, with access to advanced testing features such as parallel testing. This allows you to identify defects faster, fix them quickly, and release the app to the market at a much faster pace.


Reduced Testing Costs:


The integration reduces the testing costs significantly, by leveraging pCloudy’s cloud-based testing platform. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive physical devices, saving tons of time, effort and revenue.


Real-time Reporting and Analytics:


The integration provides access to real-time reporting and analytics, which helps you identify the most critical defects and prioritizes them for immediate resolution.


Reuse Existing TestComplete Scripts:


The integration allows you to reuse your existing TestComplete scripts, eliminating the need for additional testing resources. This results in significant cost savings for your testing team, allowing you to allocate your resources more effectively.


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Platforms SupportedDesktop, Web, MobileDesktop, Web, Mobile
PricingFree, with affordable paid plansPaid, with customizable pricing options
Record and PlaybackYesYes
Scriptless AutomationYesNo
Integration with FrameworksYes, supports various testing frameworksYes, supports various testing frameworks
Object Recognition EngineYesYes
Target UsersSmall to Medium-sized businessesEnterprise-level organizations




The TestComplete and pCloudy integration provides a seamless mobile app testing experience, with improved test coverage, faster test execution, and reduced testing costs. By leveraging the power of automation and cloud-based testing, you can achieve better test results, faster time-to-market, and improved customer satisfaction. So if you’re looking to boost your mobile app testing capabilities, consider integrating TestComplete with pCloudy cloud platform today.

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