Time Taken To Fix a Bug

How Long will it Take to Fix This Bug ? This is the first question asked

Well, i need to understand the story. Need to find the bug from the story. Now , i need to reproduce it! . may be some ping-pong between teams or tester. Then finally when i give-up, i will take Debug Logs, Stack trace, Performance data and what not.

Damn, it will be fixed when it is fixed 🙂

This is the usual Life cycle of a bug, they live too long, more than they deserve to. basically they live through the time we waste on re doing things, developer re doing things which a tester gone through already.

How can we fix this bug quick, And make the cycle efficient.

I will demonstrate some tools provided by pCloudy to collaborate effortlessly between developer and tester, To fix a bug so quick, with out wasting time or re doing things.

Some of the data pcloudy record’s from device session, which a developer can use to fix the bug
Complete video is recorded, which is the steps to understand and reproduce the bug. A Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words
Screen shots can be taken at any point
Debug Logs are recorded
Crash log/Stack trace are recorded

This is fully automatic, that’s what i meant by effortlessly.
As i said, A Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words, I have recorded a short video explaining these tools.

Now when you share this bundle with the developer, What more a developer expect ? This is possibly everything he needs to start fixing the bug. No re-doing things or ping-pong.

Collaborate effortlessly using pCloudy
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