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Increased Adoption Of Cloud And Digital Solutions In Testing

We are going Live with a renowned Automation Expert – George Ukkuru. George is a seasoned Automation expert with over two decades of experience in the Test Automation space. Currently, he heads the team at Testhouse Ltd as the Vice President – Solutions. He is also an avid Test Automation evangelist who shares his insights through his podcast channel – Automation Hangout.

What can you expect?

The session will consist of a short 10min talk on the “Increased adoption of cloud and digital solutions in Testing” covering various aspects like Best Test Automation Practices, Implementing Continuous Testing, Adoption of technologies like dockerization and virtualization, etc.

The Talk will be followed up by a 30min Live Q&A session where you can use the Chat option to pose a question or submit your questions beforehand using the Ask the Expert option below

When is the Event?

Join us live on Thursday, the 28th of July 2022 at 12:00pm (IST)


This event will be an online Virtual Meet on Linkedin Live & Zoom. So if you haven’t already, follow pCloudy’s LinkedIn page to get notified and add it to your calendars.

Ask the Expert

If you have any questions, please submit them during the Live session or If any specific question is to be asked write back personally to we will answer your question in a couple of days.