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Approaching Quality with A DevOps Mindset

The world of Apps and Software is accelerating at a lightning speed. With that, Quality Assurance is ever evolving in great leaps and bounds. And now with the onset of Agile and lately DevOps methodologies, the way organizations develop and test softwares has changed drastically. QAs, Testing and Development teams have constantly been discovering new strategies and methodologies to enhance the QA journey. With the emerging trends in the IT industry, the need to better understand, manage, and adopt the QA activities is ever increasing.

In the words of Edwards Deming “Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” Quality has become a continuous process that no single person owns; rather, collectively achieved when the team combines its efforts. Join Priya Telkar, on May 11th, 2022 as she highlights on the evolving testing strategy to meet the changing demands of DevOps in organizations today.


In this Webinar, we will look into –


  • Understanding Traditional Testing Approaches
  • Applying DevOps in Testing
  • Practical Tips to implement QA effectively
  • Testing Strategy for DevOps : What to Test and When
  • And much more…