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Mobile App Developers Key Results 2016

By nilesh
October 25, 2016
1 min Read
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Mobile App Developers Key Results 2016

Mobile Platforms Developers Use

This is a summary of Mobile App Developers – Key Results from April to June 2016, Which reached 16,500+ Developers across 150+ countries.

A. Mobile Platforms – Which Mobile Platforms do Developers Use?

mobile app developers

B. Mobile App Categories – Which Mobile App Categories Are Developers Targeting?


C. Mobile Target Audiences – Which Audiences Are Primarily Targeted by Mobile Developers?


D. Mobile Business Models – How do Mobile Developers Make Money?


Source from Developer Economics


Nilesh is the vice-president at pCloudy and has around 16 years of experience in Product development and Testing. He has worked primarily in the mobile application testing and mobile device testing domain with companies like Sasken, Motorola, Nokia, and Accenture.

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Five key iOS 10 Features Every App Developer Must Know

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Five key iOS 10 Features Every App Developer Must Know

By Avinash
August 19, 2016
3 min Read
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Five key iOS 10 Features Every App Developer Must Know

Five key iOS 10 Features

The upcoming iOS 10 has sparked great interest among app developers owing to it’s rich, better-than-ever features. The beta version of iOS 10 SDK includes new APIs and services that will power a whole new generation of apps. You can now extend your app capabilities to Phone Messages, Siri, VoIP, Maps, Apple Pay and much more to provide enhanced functionalities and enjoyable experience to your users.

Here are a few great features you can add to your apps:


With iOS 10 you can create rich, interactive, and powerful notification experiences for your apps. The users can not just view photos, and listen to audio, but they’ll also be able to watch videos from inside a notification, view live information such as map updates in real time. As demonstrated at the Worldwide Developers Conference, you can even use 3D Touch to open a notification and respond to it directly from the lock screen.


You can create apps with extensions that work with Siri. Users will be able to access content and services using just their voice. The extensions developed using the new SiriKit will support new services such as booking a ride, managing workouts and sending or receiving payments, along with existing features like audio or video calling, messaging, and searching photos.
Maps: Apps that offer ride booking, restaurant reservations, and other location-related services are accessible from within Maps, allowing users to book, track, and pay. The Maps even suggest relevant apps for services in a user’s current location.


The CallKit framework lets VoIP apps integrate with the iPhone UI. The framework lets users view and answer incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen and manage contacts from VoIP calls. CallKit also introduces app extensions that enable call blocking and caller identification. You can create an app extension that can associate a phone number with a name or tell the system when a number should be blocked.

Apple Pay Enhancements

In iOS 10, users can make easy and secure payments using Apple Pay from websites and through interaction with Siri and Maps. For developers, iOS 10 introduces new APIs you can use in code that runs on both iOS and watchOS, the ability to support dynamic payment networks, and a new sandbox testing environment. The new APIs will help you incorporate Apple Pay directly into your website. When you support Apple Pay in your website, users browsing with Safari in iOS or OS X can make payments using their cards in Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch. iOS 10 also introduces a new testing environment that lets you provision test cards directly on the device. The test environment returns encrypted test payment data.

Speech Recognition

iOS 10 introduces a new API that supports continuous speech recognition. The Speech Recognition API allows you to build apps that recognise speech and transcribe it into text. Using the APIs in the Speech framework (Speech.framework), you can perform speech transcription of both real-time and recorded audio.

These are the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 10. There are some more like interesting ones like Interactive Messages App, App Search Enhancements, Widget Enhancements, found in What’s new in iOS 10.

Need devices with the new iOS 10 beta to test new features in your app?
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Here’s a quick video:


Avinash Tiwari is a thought leader, a recognized keynote speaker, and the co-founder of He has 15+ experience in Product development and Testing. He brings with him a passion for emerging technology and quick adoption, both of which have solidified his reputation as a leader in the mobile app testing field.

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