Device Location Testing


Multi-location device access

Continuing with our endeavor to provide you a better experience, we are excited to announce our next big step.


Now, you will be able to access Mobile devices and Mobile networks from across different geographies. In the first phase, we are providing devices and mobile network from India, US and Philippines. We will add more locations very soon.


You can continue to use your existing credentials with the URL to access all the devices from different locations.


Here are some of  the changes you will notice –

Device Location filter in the Devices Tab


You can now select devices from different locations using the Device Location filter.


  • In the Instant Access page


Device Location Testing


  • In the Book your Device page


Cloud Access


Device Location filter in the My App/Data Tab


NOTE: The My App/Data folder is specific to a device location. If you plan to use devices from different locations, make sure your app is uploaded in all Device locations.


My App/Data


Device Location filter in the Reports Tab


NOTE: The Storage folder is specific to a device location. If you’ve used devices from different locations, please select the corresponding location to view it’s reports.




Device Location filter in the Settings page


  • History section




  • Test Runs section




  • UDID




You also see a few changes once you access a device


  • Device Information

    Device Information

  • Installing an app


NOTE: Since My App/Data is specific to a device location, ensure that the installation file is uploaded to the respective location of the device.Install