Mobile App Testing on Multiple Devices

Mobile App Testing on Real IOS and Android Devices

Explore the most comprehensive set of Smart Tools for Mobile App Testing Across a spectrum of Real Devices.


mobile app testing on multiple devices


Do it Yourself


Access 500+ Android and iOS Devices

Access devices from one of largest pool of Android and IOS devices in the market. We like to stay on top of latest releases.

Test Automation

Multiply the speed and velocity of your tests by parallel running of automated tests saving time and cost.

Functional Testing

Functional Mobile App Testing supported by Single-Click tools to boost speed exponentially for your test cycle.

On-Device Performance Testing

Get real time insights on vital data related to critical app functions like - CPU, Memory and Battery consumption on physical devices.

Seamless Testing on Real SIM Networks

Test your apps on both real and simulated SIM networks for better results.

Across 500+ Android and iOS Devices

Mobile App Testing on Real DevicesReal Devices, No emulators

Get access to the real devices your customers use to find real and accurate bugs.

Mobile App TestingFull access to devices

Use the device the way you use any phone in hand. Play with the settings of the device as per your need.

500 plus android and ios devices


Test AutomationiOS and Android automation testing

You can test your app using popular Android and iOS app testing tools on pcloudy devices. Android and iOS automation testing tools like Appium, Calabash and your existing scripts are compatible with pCloudy

Run Test Scripts ParallelRun scripts in parallel

Scale your Automation like never before with unlimited concurrent runs.

Run Test Scripts Directly with CIRun Tests Directly with CI

Nothing beats the power of testing on real devices with CI. Use Jenkins plug-in, or use our APIs to integrate with other tools.

Automation Testing Tool


Functional IssuesFind Critical Functional issues

Select the devices from over 50+ Manufacturers, 20+ OS versions, 20+ Screen sizes and find the critical functional issues on real devices.

Bug ReportGet evidences delivered as a part of the Bug

Get insightful evidences through captured screenshots, device logs, crash report and device video sessions for quick resolution of bugs.

Functional Testing


CPU Utilization of AppTrack CPU Utilization of App

Measure CPU utilization of both the device and the app. Analyze insightful data along with the functional flow.

memory consumptionTrack Memory Consumption of App

Get detailed analysis on Memory consumption break up across the app and its processes.

Battery DrainageTrack Battery drainage of App

Know your App’s battery drainage on device.

performance testing


Real NetworksTest it on Real Network

Track App behaviour on real networks. Prevent functional defects and crashes due to network driven failures.

Field ScenariosSimulate field scenarios

Know how your App behaves across field conditions and scenarios. Simulate various network profiles.

Network Testing

App Debugging

App DebuggingDebug Directly from your IDE

Use DeviceTunnel to connect a device directly from Eclipse or Android Studio. Debug like the device is connected to your local machine.

Connect to device with device tunnel

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