AI Augmented Codeless Test Automation Platform for Digital Apps

Create your automated tests for web, mobile, desktop & APIs less than 2 minutes and maintain effortlessly with AI based self-healing tests - all without writing a single line of code.  

AI – Augmented Unified App Testing Suite 

Create Tests for Every App 

  • Laptops
  • Mobiles
  • Desktops
  • Servers

Empower Every Role

  • IT Team
    Functional Tester
  • End users
    Automation Engineer
  • SecOps
  • C-suite
    Business Analysts

Execute On Global Test Infra

  • Home
    Mobile Devices
  • Office
  • Hybrid
  • Frontline
    Rugged Devices
  • Hybrid
    Smart TVs
  • Frontline
    Smart Watch
Visibility and Control

Rapid App Deployment

Utilize Pcloudy’s Codeless automation testing features to significantly decrease app delivery times—from weeks to hours. 

Insight-driven defense

Increased Productivity

Automate repetitive tasks to boost overall operational efficiency, freeing up QA teams for more complex tasks using Pcloudy’s Codeless Automation Testing Tools.

Enhanced user experience

Cuts Down Technical Debt

Codeless Automated Testing Improves tech adoption across the organization, enhancing synergy between business and IT teams, and reducing technical debt.

Exponential ROI

Eliminates Flaky Tests

Ensure reliable and consistent tests, reducing failures with Pcloudy’s scriptless automation tools.

Enhanced user experience

Facilitates Shift Left Testing

Our No Code testing tools, enable non-developers to easily create and run tests early in the development cycle, spotting issues sooner. 

Exponential ROI

Boosts ROI

Automation Testing Tools without coding streamlines testing processes and reduces manual interventions, driving down costs and speeding up release cycles, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Key Features

Easy Test Authoring with Test Recorder

Speed up your test creation with our Test Recorder, which captures user actions to automatically generate automated tests—making test authoring faster and more efficient.
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Synthetic Test Data Generation

Forget the hassle of manually creating data for iterative testing. Our built-in data repository automates the creation of synthetic data for app testing, eliminating manual data setup.
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Self-Healing for Mobile & Web Apps

Minimize your test maintenance efforts with self-healing capabilities for Appium/Selenium scripts or codeless scripts, keeping your tests robust against changes in the app.
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Visual AI

Employ the power of Visual AI to mimic human visual testing capabilities. Detect functional regressions effortlessly without the need for complex assertions, ensuring your apps perform as intended.
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Automatic Visual Object Identification

Tackle the challenges of testing dynamic applications with our advanced visual object identification technology that simplifies test maintenance and execution by adapting to changes in object properties, making your testing process seamless and effective.
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More Features

Visibility and Control

Reusable components 

Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable test cases for less maintenance, faster development and high team productivity. 

Visibility and Control


Identify the cause of test failures with video recordings, screenshots, data-level insights, and activity logs. 

Visibility and Control

Cross-technology automation

Scale your test automation to to test complex user journeys across technologies – from mobile to APIs to Desktops

Visibility and Control

Cross-browser, cross-device 

Testing on multiple physical devices is a thing of the past. Execute your tests in parallel on our on demand global test infrastructure comprising of 5000+ device browser combinations.  

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