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Android Automation App Testing Tool

The Fastest Android Automation Testing Tool

Real Android

Test your apps on a wide range of real mobile devices running different android versions on cloud.


Execute your test scripts on various android devices in parallel. Accelerate your testing efforts and release quality apps quicker.

Real Time

Ensure a robust test strategy with real time analytics on your side. Analyze test results on the go and formulate quick resolutions leading to faster feedback and releases.

Enjoy testing your android apps directly from your web browser. Perform your Android Automation seamlessly across multiple real android devices on the cloud.
  • Test across a wide range of real mobile devices running both legacy and latest android versions, ensuring a wide test coverage.
  • Perform real-time android application testing on multiple devices to ensure a consistent user experience and smooth functioning.
Mobile Apps Testing
Execute your scripts, on the most preferred automation frameworks.
  • Run your automated tests on a diverse selection of supported automation frameworks. 
  • Execute your automation scripts on real devices and ensure flawless functionality with quicker releases.
Android Automation Frameworks
Make quicker well informed decisions with the help of real time testing analytics that give you insights into various testing artifacts on the go.
  • Quickly identify whether a test has passed or failed, and respond promptly to any critical issues.
  • Enable faster bug detection and resolve issues almost immediately.
  • Easily monitor the quality of the application under test continuously.
Android Automation App Testing
Technical Features You Will Love
Latest Android
Perform your android app automation testing on the latest mobile devices, running the latest android versions. Test on the latest real devices exclusively available for you.
Latest Android Devices
Android Automated app Testing tools
Real Time
Stay ahead at every step of the game. Monitor your testing artifacts and progress in real time. Debug apps in real time and make changes to your android apps online with real time testing artifacts to make informed decisions and quicker resolutions.
Collaborate with
Enjoy easy collaboration with other testers, developers, and stakeholders. Share your testing reports with each other faster and log bugs on Jira and slack for a more collaborative testing approach.
Collaborative Testing Approach
Wider Test Coverage
Wider Test
Widen your test coverage by effortlessly testing on multiple browsers, operating systems, and Android devices online. All at the click of a button, simply search for the devices and voila, all your available android devices are ready to test on.
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