About Client

Our client is a top-tier global pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, with a rich legacy dating back to 1849. Renowned for pioneering research and development, they are dedicated to advancing health and wellness with a comprehensive portfolio of medicines and vaccines.

Employing approximately 83,000 individuals across the globe, they are dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and patients with innovative digital products and robust mobile applications, a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and value in healthcare.


The client faced a multi-dimensional set of challenges in their application testing workflow. Predominantly reliant on manual testing, the process was slow and prone to errors, significantly delaying the deployment of important updates. The vast diversity of mobile devices and browsers used by their international customer base compounded the challenge, as it became increasingly difficult to ensure consistent app performance for their consumer apps meant to increase member engagement.


Although the client recognized the need to transition to automated testing for greater efficiency and accuracy, there was a notable hesitation. This reluctance stemmed from a lack of coding expertise within their resources, which they feared would hamper the shift to an automation-based approach.


With the adoption of our unified app testing platform, the client experienced a significant overhaul in their testing methodology. pCloudy’s no-code automation platform allowed for the easy creation of automated, keyword-driven test scripts, effectively reducing the testing time by 10X and circumventing the need for advanced coding skills. This enabled a smooth transition to automation, even for resources without a background in coding.

Consistency in quality assurance was achieved through the automated comparison of live screenshots against baseline images, ensuring high standards of UI consistency and functional integrity. Our platform’s expansive device and browser lab ensured that the applications were rigorously tested across different devices, browsers, OS versions etc. meeting the diverse needs of the client’s global audience and increasing test coverage by 90%.

Additionally, pCloudy’s enterprise-grade security ensured adherence to the strict regulatory standards of the pharmaceutical industry with GDPR and HIPAA compliances in place, maintaining the client’s esteemed reputation for safety and reliability was seamlessly met. This strategic integration of pCloudy into their testing process not only accelerated the client’s time-to-market for new digital health solutions by 5X but also resulted in a substantial reduction in testing costs by 15X compared to their previous multi-tool strategy