Effortlessly Manage Your Device Coverage: The Essential Device Planner

Choose the right set of devices to test on with just a few clicks and transform your app testing strategy for anywhere in the world

Test on the Right Devices with
pCloudy’s Device Planner at no extra cost

pCloudy’s Device Planner enables testers, developers and everyone in the QA industry to choose the right set of devices to ensure a wider market penetration. With accurate timely data on the usage of devices in the market, you can be sure to test on the right set of devices to tackle fragmentation challenges with much ease.

2 easy steps

Choose the Country


Select the % of market

And viola, you’re given a list of devices to test on. Get the most of the Device Planner feature to accelerate your testing and leave the time consuming job of choosing the right set of devices to the machines.

And the best part is you don’t need to
pay anything extra!

Say Goodbye to Coverage Worries by Testing on the Right Set of Devices

Understand Market Penetration

Gain an accurate understanding of the market penetration of testing on the right set of devices with just a few clicks.

Test on Relevant

Ensure that you test on the right devices that are relevant for today in a fast evolving mobile device market.

Customize your search for different geographies

Don’t restrict yourself to a particular geography for your global apps. Ensure that you test on the right devices across different countries to ensure a quality app across the world.

Integrated with your Favourite tools

Integrate with all your favorite web and mobile testing tools and frameworks to ace your testing game in your own Continuous Testing cloud and digital playground.

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