Mobile App Testing
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Mobile App Testing Tool to Create, Execute & Manage Tests

Our App Testing Features that Elevates Mobile Experiences

AI Powered Mobile App Testing on Cloud

Author Mobile Tests with no Code

Create tests with our test recorder that enables any non-technical users to create automated tests in minutes without coding

Live Interactive Testing

Run Tests in Real-Time with Live Testing

Perform live interactive testing of your apps using our robust mobile testing tool. Test and debug your applications on a variety of real devices from our diverse device cloud, ensuring your app's responsiveness and compatibility.

Run Automated Mobile App Tests

Run Automated Mobile App Tests

Leverage the power of Appium with our mobile application testing tool to conduct automated mobile app tests. Test your native apps across a broad spectrum of real devices to uncover bugs earlier and enhance app quality.

mobile apps testing tool

Maintain Test Scripts

Minimize maintenance efforts with our innovative mobile apps testing tool featuring self-healing element identification and scripts. Keep your tests robust and up-to-date with minimal manual intervention.

App Testing tool for Test Run Management

Test run management

Organize and track your mobile app tests efficiently, whether manual or automated. Our platform provides comprehensive test run management capabilities, simplifying the testing lifecycle for your mobile applications.

Unified Platform for All Your Testing

Faster Test Development

Our No-Code test recorder enables any non-technical employee to scale test automation in minutes.
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Instant Web & Mobile Test Infrastructure

And once your automated scripts are ready, you don't have to hunt for Test Infrastructure tools. Our on demand Test Infrastructure lets you swiftly run those scripts across real browsers, devices, and OS in parallel.
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Reduced Test Maintenance Efforts

Pcloudy helps you quickly fix broken tests with self-healing script technology, reducing test maintenance efforts.
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Seamless Integration for Agile & DevOps

Compatibility with popular test management and CI tools so that you are able to access all the tools your team uses in one click.
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Automated Visual & Accessibility Testing

Experience fully automated Visual Testing for both Web and Mobile applications. Ensure responsiveness across screen resolutions and maintain top-tier application accessibility standards.
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Quality Lifecycle Management

Get a holistic view of test management and execution in one platform, enabling you to handle both manual and automated testing effortlessly with swift feedback loops and continuous improvements.
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Seamlessly Integrates with Your Ecosystem for a Unified App Testing

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing non-technical staff to create and run tests easily. The test recorder feature, in particular, enables anyone to create automated tests without prior coding knowledge.

Testing Android apps on our platform is straightforward. First, upload your Android app to our platform. Then, choose from our extensive range of real Android devices available in the cloud. You can perform live interactive testing or use our codeless test automation feature to create and run your tests without writing a single line of code. The platform also supports integration with popular testing frameworks like Appium for automated testing.

To test iOS apps, start by uploading your iOS app file to our platform. Select from our diverse selection of real iOS devices in the cloud. You have the option to conduct live testing or utilize our codeless test creation for automated testing. Our platform also allows you to integrate with various testing frameworks like Appium for automation.

Yes, our tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD pipelines, making them a perfect fit for DevOps environments. This integration helps streamline your development and testing processes, allowing for continuous testing and delivery.