Dedicated Devices on Public Cloud Exclusively Blocked for You

Test apps on your dedicated devices at your time of convenience

Your favorite devices set aside for you

We are providing access to dedicated devices on the cloud at an affordable public cloud price.

You can now choose any Android or iOS device of your choice and make it yours for as long as you need it.

Test your apps on real devices that are reserved exclusively for you.

Say Goodbye to Waiting on Devices

Uncertainty of Device Availability

Competing for device access in a public cloud can lead to delays and interrupted testing processes, making it difficult to meet project deadlines.

Limited Access to Devices

With a growing variety of devices and operating systems, ensuring adequate device coverage for thorough app testing can be challenging.

Minimum Device Requirement on  Private Cloud

Want a private cloud but need to commit to a minimum number of devices? That's like buying a whole pizza when you only want a slice.

Expensive Private Cloud

The cost of setting up and maintaining a private cloud can be prohibitive, especially for smaller teams and budget-conscious projects.

Longer Test Cycles

Extended wait times for device access can result in longer test cycles, slowing down app development and release schedules.

Decreased Productivity

Delays and inefficiencies in the testing process can lead to decreased productivity, impacting your team's overall performance.

Build a Private Device Collection at affordable Public Cloud Pricing

Ability to lock the device(s) of your choice for testing

Gain access to your preferred devices. Yes, even the ones that are not in our existing public cloud inventory, ensuring you get comprehensive app testing and compatibility.

Guaranteed device availability

Eliminate wait times and secure the devices you need, when you need them, for a streamlined testing process.

No minimum device requirement

Enjoy the flexibility to reserve any number of devices, catering to the specific needs of your team and project.

Ideal for small teams and budget-conscious projects

Experience the benefits of private cloud testing without the substantial financial investment, making it accessible for projects of all sizes and budgets.

Reliability and control of a private cloud experience

Reserve devices exclusively for your team, ensuring a secure and controlled testing environment.

Flexibility and scalability of a public cloud

Effortlessly scale your device reservations up or down based on project requirements, without worrying about the maintenance and infrastructure costs of a private cloud.

Reserve as many or as few devices as you need, and quickly scale up and down your solution without worrying about the maintenance and infrastructure costs of a private cloud. Take control of your app testing schedule today.

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Frequently asked questions

No, you'll have to purchase Live/Automate plan first, and then add the Private on Public cloud plan as an add-on.

Yes, you can even request devices which aren't present in our existing public cloud.

Yes, you can but the minimum locking period is 3 months. You can then upgrade to 6 and 12 months based on your need to get better discounts.

Yes, you can. The final decision would be made in consultation with the sales associate.

Yes, you can. However, we will be able to comment based on the availability of that device in the location.