Appium Runs

Run Appium tests for Android and iOS

Seamless integration and execution of Appium on a large variety of real Android and iOS devices


Run appium tests on android and ios


Save costsMove to cloud & save infra costs

Move your mobile automation over cloud and get away from the burden of managing and sharing devices and save infrastructural costs significantly.

Run appium tests android and ios devicesIntegration and Execution on Android and iOS devices

Seamless integration for faster Appium iOS automation and better Appium Android testing.

Easy IntegrationEasy integration

Run Appium for Android and iOS tests developed in any language using any IDE or test framework. You can trigger Appium iOS testing directly from our CI tools like Jenkins.

Parallel TestingParallel Testing & Live view

Run your Appium tests in parallel on multiple real devices on the cloud and accelerate your test cycles for faster delivery. Now you get the access to monitor the Appium Android automation runs through video streaming on the platform.

Comprehensive Test ResultsComprehensive test results

You will get a comprehensive report for each Appium test execution with screenshots, logs and videos.

Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Features

Get access to advanced mobile app testing features like Network Virtualization, executing ADB shell commands with Appium runs.

Performance dataExtensive performance data metrics

You get performance metrics like CPU usage, battery usage, memory usage data for your Appium tests which is otherwise very difficult to get via Appium.

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