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Stay ahead with our next gen AI based test automation tools like self healing, Visual AI and more to accelerate app delivery and enhance team productivity.  

AI – Augmented Unified App Testing Suite 

Create Tests for Every App 

  • Laptops
  • Mobiles
  • Desktops
  • Servers

Empower Every Role

  • IT Team
    Functional Tester
  • End users
    Automation Engineer
  • SecOps
  • C-suite
    Business Analysts

Execute On Global Test Infra

  • Home
    Mobile Devices
  • Office
  • Hybrid
  • Frontline
    Rugged Devices
  • Hybrid
    Smart TVs
  • Frontline
    Smart Watch
Visibility and Control

Accelerated Time to Market

Our AI tools for automation testing accelerates test creation and test maintenance, reducing testing cycles and enabling faster release of updates and new features.

Insight-driven defense

Increased Productivity

Our AI automation testing tools automate repetitive tasks to enhance operational efficiency, freeing up QA teams for more complex challenges.

Enhanced user experience

Reduced Risk

AI Testing tools identify potential problems before they impact users, significantly lowering the risk of reputational damage from faulty releases.

Exponential ROI

Boosts ROI

AI tools for software testing streamlines processes, minimizes manual intervention, improves product quality, and enhances customer satisfaction, thereby increasing ROI.

Key Features

Self-Healing for Mobile & Web Apps

Minimize your test maintenance efforts with self-healing capabilities for Appium/Selenium scripts or codeless scripts, keeping your tests robust against changes in the app.
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Visual AI

Employ the power of Visual AI to mimic human visual testing capabilities. Detect functional regressions effortlessly without the need for complex assertions, ensuring your apps perform as intended.
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Automatic Visual Object Identification

Tackle the challenges of testing dynamic applications with our advanced visual object identification technology that simplifies test maintenance and execution by adapting to changes in object properties, making your testing process seamless and effective.
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Bot Testing

Bots conduct crash tests covering various installation and uninstallation scenarios along with exploratory tests on multiple devices, providing a comprehensive functionality and performance report within minute
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AI Powered Interactive Assistant

Alfy is designed to be your go-to Appium and device assistant. Alfy has been a remarkable AI based test automation tool at Pcloudy as it has been instrumental in providing users, appium capabilities, available list of devices and more.
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Responsible & Trusted AI

Visibility and Control

Data Privacy

We prioritize the protection of user data, adhering to the highest standards of data privacy.

Visibility and Control


Our platform ensures robust security measures to safeguard your testing processes and data integrity.

Visibility and Control


We comply with all relevant regulations, providing a reliable and compliant testing environment.

Visibility and Control

Continuous Improvement and Testing

We continuously refine our AI based testing tools and testing procedures to deliver superior performance and reliability

Unifying App Testing in a Secured Enterprise-Grade Platform

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