A Guide to build Continuous Testing infra for Mobile Apps at Scale

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With a rise in multiple digital touchpoints in Apps, businesses are leveraging Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP) to build Multiexperience Apps to accelerate the digital transformation journeys of their consumers. Gartner predicts that by 2023, more than 25% of the mobile apps, progressive web apps and conversational apps will have been built on MXDPs. The future of app development is drastically changing, and so will the methods and modalities that need to be tested. Equipping the infrastructure for a future ready situation is the best place to be at. Be it the integrations, the devices, the tools that we need to test, it is an absolute necessity to constantly think about solving the future needs today. That way your solution will always be relevant and future-proof. Let’s find out about the intricacies and modalities involved in creating a continuous testing infra at scale for mobile apps in this whitepaper.


  • Introduction
  • Apps and the Need for Testing
  • Key Considerations
    • Lab - Device or Browser or Wearable
    • Testing Methodology
    • Integrations
    • Automation Tools
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Security
    • Future Proof
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