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Test on the latest iOS version 16 beta – Available exclusively on pCloudy

Apple has released its latest new versions of the operating system for their phones, tablets and other devices. The much awaited iOS 16 was released on the 6th of June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022. The iOS 16 comes packed with a ton of updates that are geared towards personalization, deeper intelligence and collaboration.

Highlights of the iOS 16 Update

Lock Screen

Now you can personalize your lock screen the way you want it. Change the typeface of the time, add pictures you like, change the notification settings to view or hide notifications on the lockscreen. And best of all, you can add widgets to get your daily dose of info on the weather, calendar events, date, time zones, alarms, battery level, etc, from your favorite apps, without even unlocking your phone. You can even create multiple lock screens and keep them handy to easily switch between them.


Setup your phone with a particular focus and link it with your lock screen to easily switch between a personal focus to work or Do not disturb. Filter out your work notifications in your everyday apps like Email, Messages and Calendars when you set your phone on the personal focus mode.


You can now share your photos with upto 5 members on your list using the iCloud shared photo library. Control the date and moments that you want to share right from the camera screen. The new update easily syncs up any changes or edits on your photo with others in an instant.


Send, Unsend, Edit and mark as Unread on messages that you want to come back to. Collaborate with your friends by sharing notes, presentations, reminders, Safari Tab Groups, and more on messages for a richer and faster collaboration on shared projects.


Undo send, set up reminders for a follow up mail, and never forget to include your attachment with the new update that will intelligently prompt you for the same.


Perform various intelligent actions such as isolating the subject from its background on a picture, pause a video to perform various actions like copy, lookup, share, translate, etc. Point your camera to a sign board or menu card to perform various live actions like converting the currency or translating a sign board in the photos, videos and camera.

Family Sharing

Easily create family profiles for your family members and set the right media access and preferences, adjust screen time, location sharing and much more. Approve and decline requests from your family in Messages. Control and manage with much ease.

Unending Updates & Compatible Devices

There are various other updates on the Maps, Apple Pay and Wallets, Health & Fitness, Passkeys, Security and much more. iOS 16 is truly filled with a ton of updates that echo the theme of personalization, intelligence, communication and sharing. You can learn more about this on the official iOS 16 preview page.

Test the iOS 16 Beta on pCloudy Devices

Now you can test the latest Apple OS version iOS 16 Beta on the pCloudy devices. Simply login to the platform and choose the Operating System and set the Filter to iOS 16.0.

Connect to the Devices and get going by testing on the latest Apple OS version – iOS 16 only at pCloudy.

The iOS 16 update is sure to open an infinite number of opportunities for developers to explore the various technologies to improve the various aspects of the Apple devices. The updates that were shared at the Apple Worldwide Conference 2022 are sure to take the user experience of Apple device users by leaps and bounds. Ensuring a thorough understanding and testing of these technologies are sure to go a long way in improving the consumer experience of the user. So if you are a developer or a tester, get your development and testing hats on and accelerate your efforts by testing the latest iOS 16 on pCloudy devices. Happy Testing!

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