Accelerating App Quality through Automation, AI and more

The advancement of technology has brought in its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the major benefits of technologies like Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is that they have taken the load of the redundant boring tasks involved in various testing tasks and made it even faster with higher accuracy by eliminating human errors. However, the key to leveraging these technologies is to train the machines to think for themselves and make decisions at times when needed. And while these technologies can be of great use, not knowing how to utilize them to their full potential becomes a challenge. Technology can always take more, provided we train and utilize them effectively. In this webinar we will look into some of the applications of AI, Automation & ML and also learn about the best practices to follow when using various technologies to accelerate our testing efforts.


  • Accelerating Testing through Automation
  • Overview of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Best Practices in Test Automation
  • Use of AI & ML in Testing


Shueb Ahmed LinkedIn

Shueb – Lead – Pre sales Consultant at pCloudy and has around 9 years of experience in IT. Prior to this role he was working with Micro Focus as Pre Sales Consultant For Application Delivery Management Portfolio catering DevOps, Automation, Performance, Cloud and mobility.


56 mins

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