Android Devops using Jenkins and pCloudy

Are you struggling to deliver quality mobile apps continuously even after automating the process of build integration? We have got you covered.

pCloudy plugin for Jenkins helps you to deliver quality mobile apps continuously by automating the process of build integration. Find out how to test your mobile apps by setting automatic triggers to run your automation test scripts unattended on our real devices with this webinar. pCloudy plugin for Jenkins helps you detect and resolve bugs instantly, keeping the app release safe at any point of time.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Introduction to Jenkins and pCloudy
  • Step by step instructions on How to use pCloudy in conjunction with Jenkins
  • How to achieve a CI/CD pipeline for Android with pCloudy Jenkins plugin


Prashanth Nair

Prashanth is the Associate VP of technology at pCloudy (part of Smart Software Testing Solutions), and has 14 years of experience in Software development and has been part of or lead many product development teams in the past. He has worked mostly in the mobile application and embedded system domains with companies like Reliance, Tieto, Ericsson, Nokia, Harman.


32 mins

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