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IOS App testing with XCTest and XCUITest

Mobile Apps can grow fast, die fast. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to develop, build, test and release your Apps faster then ever. Developers and testers are under tremendous pressure to meet this demand of continuous development and testing.

Continuous dev and testing cann’t be achieved without having the right set of DevOps tools. Moreover, it must be backed by a proper device Infrastructure.

This webinar will cover how continuous testing for Mobile Apps can be achieved with real devices in the cloud. The webinar will include live demos and best practices to be used by Devs and Tests.

pCloudy is India’s first cloud platform which provides complete range of QA tools required by Mobile App developers and testers.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • IOS automation challenges
  • Possible tools and automation frameworks
  • The basics of XCTest/XCUITest and how to get started
  • Best practices, tips and tricks using Xcode features for efficient app testing