Move towards futuristic app testing with AI And DevOps

Constant efforts are being made to align app testing with rapid advancement in the app development process. New technologies and methods like Agile, DevOps, AI, and predictive analysis are being introduced in testing to achieve Quality@Speed. There are multiple use cases in which the power of AI and DevOps is utilized to make mobile app testing effortless and fast.

DevOps is enabled by two practices, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. These two will not work in sync until you have continuous testing in place. AI can add value to the continuous testing efforts by auto exploring apps on the devices to make sure that all the functions work as expected.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Mobile DevOps architecture
  • The implication of Device Cloud in Mobile DevOps architecture
  • The changed role of QA in DevOps
  • Evolution of AI with mobile app testing
  • Leverage AI to overcome Mobile App Testing challenges
  • The Future of Mobile app testing


Nilesh Tarale

Nilesh is a vice-president at pCloudy (part of Smart Software Testing Solutions), and has around 16 years of experience in Product development and Testing. He has worked primarily in the mobile application testing and mobile device testing domain with companies like Sasken, Motorola, Nokia and Accenture.

Amit Kumar

Amit is an ex-Infosys Senior Client Partner and an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Varanasi. He has been leading Testing Services and Product Sales at Infosys. He is now heading the Sales at SSTS.


1 hr 2ms

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