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Simplifying API Testing & Automation

With many mobile and web apps being released every day, the complexity with which apps are built is drastically increasing. And with the growing popularity of complex apps that simplify our daily tasks, ensuring that these apps perform as they should becomes a top priority.

API Testing allows us to take a deep dive into the Application Program Interface (API) and business logic to test the apps for its functionality, reliability, security and performance. While API testing might look like a complex process altogether, with the right approaches this can be simplified. Come join us as we break down API Testing and Automation into simpler bite sized processes that you can implement to simplify your API Testing and Automation.


In this webinar you will learn –


  • How to kick start API automation?
  • How to identify the tech state?
  • Explore various API testing Approaches
  • Understand the key differences between API and Web/Mobile Testing
  • Learn various API Testing Tips and tricks
  • And much more