Test More in Less: Taking a Closer Look at Testing

Testing apps thoroughly requires an eye for detail and strong logic when creating test cases. And sometimes you may end up feeling like you've been testing too hard and still not able to provide enough valuable evidence to help your stakeholders make a well-informed decision. In this new BreakFree session, a renowned speaker in the QA space - Rahul Parwal will be sharing his insights and show you how to use a planned testing kit so that you can maximize your testing feedback in less time and effort. You will learn how to test more in less with better planning and test readiness so that you can help your stakeholders make better decisions based on data.

In this webinar, you will learn about-

  • What Identifying various areas of providing feedback
  • How to be Test Ready?
  • Utilizing existing good ideas.
  • Creation of a Testing Kit.


Rahul Parwal LinkedIn

Rahul Parwal is a Software Tester & Generalist. Currently, he works as a Senior Software Engineer with IFM Engineering, India. Reading, learning, and practicing the craft of software testing is something Rahul enjoys doing. His recent accolades include the ‘Jerry Weinberg Testing Excellence Award‘ under the ‘Rising star of the year’ (2021) Category from the “Tea-time with Testers”. In his spare time you will find him writing about tech and exploring new places.

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