Using XCTest with pCloudy's Real Device Cloud to achieve Mobile Test Automation

Using the right test automation framework is important to test on iOS devices. XCTest is Apple's official framework for testing applications using Xcode. This framework supports both Swift and Objective C. Using XCTest for your testing needs across iOS devices is made easy as pCloudy provides an interface to run the XCTest on multiple iOS devices simultaneously. Mobile App development teams must ensure that they are using the continuous testing methods as it is key to the overall strategy when supporting current and new versions of iOS, new devices such as the iPhone 12, or testing older devices like the iPhone 5s.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Intro to XCTest
  • Benefits and Challenges of XCTest Framework
  • How does pCloudy help with Parallel execution?
  • Live Demo


Shueb Ahmed LinkedIn

Shueb – Lead – Pre sales Consultant at pCloudy and has around 9 years of experience in IT. Prior to this role he was working with Micro Focus as Pre Sales Consultant For Application Delivery Management Portfolio catering DevOps, Automation, Performance, Cloud and mobility.


50 mins

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