Capturing and Monitoring Web Network Logs and Performance metrics while Running Selenium Test Automation Suite

Capturing and Monitoring Web Network Logs and Performance metrics while Running Selenium Test Automation Suite Main

Being able to capture and monitor the Web Network Logging systems are sure to shed light on some of the problems that crop up when a Web application is being run. With the help of the Web network logs we can easily find and fix issues related to the network traffic between the client(browser) and server(web server) when captured and monitored in the form of performance metrics. In this whitepaper, our motive is to capture the network logs and the performance metrics while our automated test suite is running so that we can minimize our efforts of manual testing the failed functionalities.


  • Brief introduction
    • Summary of the Problem Statement
    • Summary of the Solution
  • Introduction to BrowserMob Proxy
  • Integrating BrowserMob with Automation Suite
    • Prerequisites
    • BrowserMob Proxy SSL Support
    • Integration of BrowserMob Proxy with Selenium Test Suite
    • Code Snippets and Walkthroughs
  • Reporting of Network Logs Captured through BrowserMob Proxy
  • Summary of Steps to Capture Network Logs and Performance Metrics
  • Potential Impact over Quality
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